Bonnie Salamon &

Judy Keating


Interview Topic:

The Path of the 21st Century Priestess


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Bonnie Salamon & Judy Keating are Co-Creative Managing Partners of Natural Rhythms Revolution, and Co-Founders Transformation LLC.

Judy is emerged as a Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine in 2002, and is a facilitator of the Priestess, High Priestess and Alchemical Creatrix process. Judy is a Certified Master Grief Coach, a nature-based coach, life coach and creation coach. She is an Advanced Practitioner, Master of Transformation and Teacher of Crystalline Consciousness Technique.™

She is a Presenter at this year’s Global Goddess Gathering, an experiential event for women who feel a connection to the Divine Feminine and who want to contribute to the raising of our Consciousness.

Bonnie is a High Priestess, and Creatrix in the Nicole Christine lineage. She has been facilitating these processes, and many others, for over 12 years. She is a Greaterness Coach, a Pathway to Bliss expert, and a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant creating ceremonies and rituals to mark life’s milestones.

Bonnie has been providing a forum for those contemplating the next steps in life for over a decade and is honored to provide a round table consciousness for her circles.

She is a published author and the Creatrix of the Wisdom of Aging Oracle.

You can reach them both at: